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Seeding a Veeam Cloud Connect job

When a Cloud Connect customer/tenant has a large amount of intial backup data and there may not be enough network bandwidth to send this to Tibus in any sensible time, they may use “backup seeding”. This involves the tenant sending Tibus their Veeam backup copy files in a secure manner and Tibus then importing this data to our Cloud Connect repository on behalf of the tenant.

There are a series of steps required both of the Tenant and of Tibus in the specific order as below.

  1. Create a new backup copy job on Veeam B&R, and add required restore points to this backup copy job. The target respository for this copy job should be some temporary/intermediate repository on the local side.
  2. Run the backup copy job once, to create the files on the temporary repository, then disable this backup copy job.
  3. Perform a ‘Remove from configuration’ on the backup set under Backups > Disk (Copy)
  4. Provide the backup copy job files on an external disk to Tibus, ensuring to secure this disk to meet your data security policies and expectations.
  5. WAIT at this step for Tibus to receive, import and notify that the files have been successfully seeded.
  6. After being notified by Tibus, rescan the cloud repository. Backup files should then appear under Backups > Cloud

    Note: If the original backup copy files were encrypted, you will need to input the password for the backup copy set under Backups > Encrypted before moving forward.
  7. Edit the original backup copy job to change the repository to the Cloud Repository.
  8. Click ‘Map Backup’ and select the Backup Copy chain that is imported.
  9. Enable the Backup Copy job, right click the job, and select ‘Sync Now’.