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Delete a Tenants backup files

Tibus, as the Service Provider, cannot view individual Tenant backup jobs, only the Tenant as a whole.

To delete backup files for a Tenant (e.g. to empty or reduce their Cloud Repository usage), this must be completed on the Tenants Veeam Backup Server.

Tibus only have access to delete the files manually from the Repository file system. Veeam documentation specifically states NOT to manually delete these files, as it causes problems with the Tenant.

Tibus can delete the Tenant entirely and create a new one, however, the Tenant side will need to be set-up afresh.

To remove backup files from the cloud repository:

  • Access “Veeam Backup & Recovery” on the Tenant site
  • Open the Home view
  • In the inventory pane, click Cloud under the Backups node
  • In the working area, right-click the necessary backup job and select Delete from disk.